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Market price: closed train, transportation cost, grain price

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Scored a century in one cell with petrol-diesel – eggplant, chilli, capsicum! Pattal, dhandas and uchcheo are no less. They will come in half a century. Onions also run. As he progresses, many think that half a century is a matter of time. Hurricane Yass and the recent heavy rains destroyed crops, as well as the unusual rise in petrol and diesel prices. As a result, as transportation costs soared, the price of food grains went beyond the middle and lower classes of the city. Vendors say all the grain is coming by car from distant districts as the train is closed. The rent for that car has more than doubled. However, market associations say that if fuel prices fall and local trains are allowed to carry grain, prices will fall slightly.

Asif Mandal, a grain seller in Gorihat Bazaar, says, “Let me bring the grain to market, now all the money is spent on car rental! Car rentals in Corona are already high. On top of that, petrol and diesel prices have gone up further. It costs five thousand rupees to bring grain from Banga in a small truck. If the train is running, it will cost about a thousand rupees to bring the same amount of grain. ”

A few vendors at the Manikthala market said they were not going to bring in more grain despite renting a higher car. Because, the market is still not allowed to open all day. On the other hand, if all grains are not sold, they may perish. So traders have to sell the grain they bring in and raise rent. Bablu Das, joint secretary of the Maniktala Bazaar Committee, said heavy rains or hurricanes could not be controlled but if the price of fuel could be kept within the limits, the price of food grains would be slightly lower. Dilip Mandal, secretary, Gorihat Bazaar Committee, said the special train had been launched but there was no vendor room in it. At our request to the Railways, let all those trains take the grain. When that happens, it will reduce the cost to traders and reduce the price of food grains. ”

Where is the guarantee that the price will go down as soon as the train starts carrying grain? According to Kamal Day, president of the Farmers ‘Vendors’ Association and public relations officer at Cole Market, “Trains are now much cheaper than renting. Similarly, the price of grain will go down a bit. More than 40 merchants could not get up as the vendor room was full of grain. So the risk of infection is very low. Kamal Babu said the increase in car rentals has led to higher prices not only in the open market but also in the wholesale market. Sellers have to buy grain at wholesale prices from wholesalers, rent a car and drive it to the local market. As a result, grain prices are rising at every step. When grain reaches the retail market, prices rise two to three times.
Few vendors in the Baguette market claim that not only is car rental increasing, but grain sales are also declining in the market. In the past, in addition to the regular buyers, many pays hotels also bought large quantities of grain. Many Pais hotels have been closed during the Corona period. As a result, they do not buy grain. Overall, although the price of grain is high, sellers do not see much profit.



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