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Lightning: 28 killed in state lightning a day, what causes lightning and why deaths are on the rise

The monsoon has set foot in North Bengal. The meteorological office said it was still a few days late to arrive in South Bengal. But since then, almost every afternoon, thunderstorms have hit several districts, including Kolkata. The rainfall was moderate to moderate but caused lightning anxiety. On Monday alone, 26 people were killed in lightning strikes in five districts of the state.

Why is the magnitude of the lightning so high? Is there any change in the climate or change in the environment?

Lightning and rain usually come from the cumulonimbus cloud. That is why this cloud is also called the thunder cloud. Over the last few years, the amount of lightning in Bengal has increased during the months of April-May. One reason for this is the excess of water vapor in the air and another reason is the increase in temperature. Pollution is directly related to this temperature rise. The average temperature also increases as the level of pollution increases. As a result, an atmosphere conducive to the formation of thunderstorms is created.

A few days ago, Hurricane Yas hit the coast of Orissa. Although the effects were not so direct in West Bengal, the cyclone caused a large amount of steam to flow into the state from the Bay of Bengal. Meanwhile, temperatures in Bengal have risen since May. Extreme heat in the morning and afternoon. Overall, an atmosphere conducive to local thunderstorms. As a result, thunderstorms begin to fall almost every afternoon.

In this regard, Professor Subrata Midya, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Kolkata, said, “Lightning is usually caused by cumulonimbus or lightning. The temperature is much higher than before because of the increasing pollution in the environment. As a result, the magnitude of the lightning is increasing. This thunderstorm is usually ‘from cloud to ground’ in a small area.

Why do so many people die in lightning strikes? According to meteorologists, the number of deaths due to lightning is higher in rural areas than in cities. Many die while working in vacant fields. One of the reasons for this is the modern machinery used in agriculture. Currently the use of various tools in agriculture is high. All these devices attract electricity. At the same time, since there is no high position in the empty field, people are more likely to be struck by lightning.

Meteorologists think people need to be more aware. They are advised to stay indoors or seek shelter outside the house instead of going to an empty field when lightning strikes. At the same time, they emphasize whether there is any warning of thunder or flood.



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