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Kovid: What is the difference between antibodies with normal antibodies in the body after vaccination?

The body develops immunity in two ways. Infected with a disease, and vaccinated against that disease. The same is true of Corona.

In medical terms, what is called ‘antibody’ is produced in the body in these two ways. But there is a difference between the two types of antibodies.

Antibody key: A special type of protein cell that can fight off an infectious bacterium. Not only this, with the help of this special protein the memory of the characteristics of the bacterium is also stored in the cell for a certain period of time. As a result, if the bacterium attacks again during that time, the antibody can resist it again.

Antibodies from infection: When a germ enters the body, the body first makes immunoglobulin M or ‘IGM’ to fight its pathogen. These are the first line soldiers of the war. The next step is for the body to produce antibodies called immunoglobulin G or IgG. These second-stage antibodies capture the memory of that particular bacterium.

Vaccines to antibodies: In this case, one or two proteins of the infecting bacterium are injected into the body separately. The body makes antibodies against them.

Which is better: Scientists say there are two types. In some cases, antibodies produced by the infection have been shown to be more effective. Ticker performance is reduced as a result of bacterial transformation. Again in any case, vaccination is more useful.

Physician’s advice: The only way to prevent diseases like corona is to get vaccinated. People who have developed antibodies to the infection will get better results if they get vaccinated later.



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