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Kovid Warriors: High Court asks why families of first-line Kovid warriors have not yet received compensation

The Kolkata High Court has asked why the families of the first dead or sick people in Kolkata have not yet received compensation. A division bench of the Acting Chief Justice of the Kolkata High Court on Thursday raised the issue. The state government has said it will pay compensation. However, the Division Bench of the Acting Chief Justice was not satisfied with that reply. There is no reason for the judge’s statement. Justice: Why haven’t you paid yet?
Coincidentally, the state government had announced compensation for doctors, nurses, health workers, bus drivers, conductors and first-class Kovid fighters. But in the interrogation of various cases related to Corona, a lawyer named Xavier Shabba complained that the compensation was not paid accordingly. In his opinion, the concerned families have applied to the state government for compensation since September last year but have not yet received compensation. The court also directed to submit a list of how many families of first class cowardly fighters who have fallen ill or died have applied for compensation and how many have been compensated. The next hearing is scheduled for August 12.

In another corona case, advocate Supraprakash Lahiri on Thursday pleaded that the central and state governments had not taken any steps to vaccinate people with special needs and mental imbalances. Let them inject at the door. In light of that application, the court wanted to know what the Central and State Governments are thinking about special immunizations.



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