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Kovid vaccine: Two vaccines are not available, three vaccines can protect some patients, says survey

There have been questions about how safe the Kovid vaccine is for transplanted people or people with cancer. It has been found that despite taking 2 vaccines, the majority of these patients do not produce the required antibodies in their body. But this time the light of hope! Recent research suggests that 3 vaccines instead of 2 may work better in these patients.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University recently studied people who have had organ transplants. They saw the effect of the corona vaccine on the body. The study found that one in 3 patients did not produce antibodies after 3 vaccinations. Although 1 in 3 patients have antibodies in their body, the dose is very small. Dori Segev, a member of the research team, told the media, “It makes no sense to assume that antibodies are not produced after two ticks, that is, life is over!”

There is a reason behind his statement. This is because a study by the university found that giving these patients 3 vaccines instead of 2 would only increase their antibody levels.

However, this 3 tick method has not yet been identified. According to Dory, it works fast. A clear idea of ​​the subject will be available in the coming days. But before that, researchers at Johns Hopkins University offer some advice for those experiencing this type of problem. They:

  1. The way the vaccine works for others in the family, it may not work for all of these patients. Make such a mental preparation from the beginning.
  2. Get out of the idea that you are completely safe this time because you have been vaccinated. Instead, follow the rules of hygiene.
  3. Many of these patients need vaccination to stay healthy. So before taking the vaccine against Kovid, do some blood test as advised by the doctor.

For people with organ transplant surgery or cancer, there may be some changes to the Kovid vaccine in the coming days. A lot of research has gone into their successful immunization. This survey shows a glimmer of hope.



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