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Kovid vaccine: Salt water instead of vaccine in northern Germany!

The United Nations has long predicted the potential for fraud with the “rare” Kovid vaccine. The same thing happened in Calcutta. This time the shadow of that fake wax was also seen in Germany. More than 8,000 residents of northern Germany have been accused of being injected with salt water by a nurse instead of a Kovid ticker. No one paid attention to Ghunakshara.
According to the administration, the nurse is affiliated with the Red Cross. From March to April he went to a vaccination center in Frisland with fake vaccines for residents. Instead of vaccines, he gave salt water to about 600 people.

“I was shocked by this incident,” said Shane Ambrose, a Frisian government official. The government will take immediate action to ensure that those who have been vaccinated are vaccinated immediately. “But it was difficult to identify specific individuals. So, in March-April, everyone who received the vaccine from the Raffin Vaccination Center was asked to get a new vaccine, and they were informed by phone or email that the good news for the government was that salt water was not harmful to the body. It is not clear why this was done and the nurse’s name has not been released.

If this is the case in the leading countries of the world, then what is happening in the poorer countries, the question arises internationally. If not, it’s too late for adults to get vaccinated, so what’s happening to children!

The third wave in front. Children are at the highest risk list. It is feared that the mutation will increase the strength of the virus and make it more prominent in the body without antidote. Many schools are planning to reopen after a year and a half of school closures. If so, children may be at greater risk.

Vaccination is carried out in the United States for those over 12 years of age. Surgeon General of the country Vivek Murthy said the vaccination for children could start by the end of this year. “If all goes well, anything can happen as expected, and by the end of this year, immunizations for under-12s will be introduced,” he said.

The government is trying to move forward as soon as possible. The health of children is paramount. “A trial is still underway to determine the effect of the vaccine on children’s bodies. The U.S. government said it was waiting to receive the report.

New Zealand is the first country in the world to declare itself corona virus free. But then the virus entered the country. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said today that the border will be closed this year. The border will be opened in phases in 2022. Although the infection rate in this country is under control, the speed of vaccination is very low. Infection is on the rise in neighboring Australia. Lockdown announced in the capital Canberra. New Zealand does not want to take any risks in this situation.



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