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Kovid vaccine: Do people who are familiar want to get the Kovid vaccine? How to overcome their fear

If you do not get vaccinated, you will get very sick. What happens to this, it does not happen even after it is taken! Vaccination is of no use, as is all Bujruki business! These quotes are very familiar to all of us. There are a lot of people around who are skeptical about the Kovid vaccine. One goes back in fear with all sorts of rumors. No one can trust this vaccine again. But it is now necessary to give each of them a complete immunization. Vaccination is now a way to prevent a third wave from coming to the country. Those who do not get vaccinated endanger not only themselves but also others. It is therefore the duty of all of us to explain their immunization.

But how to explain? No decision can be made about the body of an adult. If someone is very stubborn, it is difficult to explain them. But in some ways you can all try.

1 Do not underestimate the opinions of those who are afraid to get vaccinated for any reason. Try to understand that they do not want to be vaccinated. Listen to them and explain your words.

2 Explain to those who are afraid of vaccine side effects why any vaccine causes side effects. Explain what processes take place in our body when antibodies are present and why we have a fever or body aches. Tell us what kind of side effects you have and how to deal with them.

Feeling sick after taking the medicine? No need to worry too much
3 Various fake news about vaccines are always circulating in the media. Discuss through stories what is right, what is wrong, and what is half-truth. Help erase the misconceptions of the people around you.

4 Explain why people get corona infection despite being vaccinated and what can be done to prevent it. Explain that Kovid rules still have to be obeyed. Despite all this, explain why you should get vaccinated.

5 If you have any difficulties after the immunization, be confident that you or any other friend will be by your side.

. Discuss the subtle difference between personal freedom and personal duty. It is good to make it clear that one’s own freedom cannot be enjoyed by endangering others. You can’t sit without a mask in the middle of a lot of people because you don’t need to, and you can’t listen to loud music in the middle of the night. Similarly, it is inappropriate to endanger others without vaccination – these arguments should be explained.



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