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Kovid in China: Delta is expanding in China, deciding to test samples from all residents

One year later, Kovid infection reappeared in China. The government decided to test samples from all residents of Corona’s hometown of Uhan for re-infection. This was announced by the Wuhan government on Tuesday.

The Wuhan government said on Monday that seven migrant workers in the city had contracted the disease. The new infection is said to be mainly due to delta form. It happened a year later. Thereafter, all residents were instructed to remain indoors. Public transportation has been suspended. Sample testing at mass rates was also initiated. This is where the first corona infection was discovered. It later spread around the world beyond China’s borders. However, the infection was first controlled in China. A year later, the victim was found there again.

In China, 61 people were infected on Tuesday. Many of the airport cleaners have been attacked. Sample testing also began with Uhan in the capital, Beijing. They are gradually increasing that number.



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