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Kovid-19: Will the third wave enter the country in August? When in this condition? According to experts

Third wave rises in the country! According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the world is in the early stages of the third wave. The Union Health Ministry has warned that a third wave will hit the country next month. But the question is when Kovid’s wave will affect the state. The state health department is preparing for the third wave before August. But how strong will Kovid’s third wave be? Will the third make more storms than the second? Will Kovid’s new look overcome past terror?
According to Physician Apurba Ghosh, a member of the expert team formed to deal with the third wave in the state, any ‘variant’ or ‘mutation’ of the Kovid could cause a third wave in the state, no matter how terrible the coming wave. Can’t say about it now. The death toll in Kovid in the state has not yet dropped significantly. The state is tightening its grip on Kovid. Restrict movement as the public must obey corona rules, so the government must closely monitor the nature of the virus. The third wave state can predict the state of daily infection.

According to experts, Kovid’s third wave depends on several factors:

How much will Covid change himself?

. The stronger the new form, the faster the infection can spread.

Immunity to infection.

. How many people are vaccinated?

What will be the life of the common man according to the laws of Kovid.

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The ICMR warned that one lakh victims would be released daily in August
No wave of the country has started from this state. Former state senior deputy director and NICE public health specialist Deepika Shour said. He said the infection had reduced in the state before the second wave. Still, but not so much. In addition, looking at the speed of the arrival of the third wave, one can understand the new form of Kovid Landa and Kappa. However, the potential for a new wave is strong. As the general public should be aware of this, the arrival of the third wave also depends on how many people are vaccinated before the time draws near.

Jyotirmoy Pal, a medical doctor and a member of the expert team formed to tackle the third wave in the state, said despite the toughness in the state, the involvement of the general public is increasing. He is not sure when the third wave will hit the state but he thinks it will cause concern in the next two months. Infection is now declining in the state. But there is growing concern in areas where more people congregate from outside, ”Jyotirmoy said.

A few days ago, the Indian Medical Association or IMA warned that a third wave was imminent. The IMA requested that the pilgrimage be stopped. The central government has sent a letter to the states warning of crowds at tourist destinations. “The vote and the Kumbh Mela accelerated the second wave in the state and the country,” said Dr. Shantanu Sen, of the IMA’s state branch. The Central Government should become more aware of tourism in North India and adopt austerity measures for the next three months.



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