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Kovid-19: Shortness of breath after Kovid! What the doctors say

There are also physical problems after recovering from Kovid. In some cases, Kovid suffers for three weeks and in others for three months. Many people are walking after returning home from the hospital but are still in relief. In the second wave of Kovid, many people with respiratory problems need oxygen. In most cases, the lungs are damaged as a result of the covid. So Dr. Raja Dhar, a pulmonologist, advises ‘lung rehabilitation’ to address the next blockage or weakness.

Studies have shown that 70 to 80 percent of patients admitted to the hospital in Kovid return within three weeks and become critically ill. Lung doctor Alok Gopal Ghoshal said 15 to 20 per cent of patients have not recovered from the condition for three months. Kovid needs treatment before the next lung problem worsens, ”Raja said. This may require lung rehabilitation or additional care of the lungs. Not only medication, but also lifestyle changes are some of the rules to follow to heal your lungs.

Who needs this lung rehabilitation or lung protection? According to doctors, this lung rehabilitation is needed for people with shortness of breath, physical weakness and post-cov- eral fatigue.

Alok Gopal Ghoshal said that if you can’t walk even 8 minutes and 350 meters, you should consult a doctor.

Physiotherapy can be started at home on the advice of a doctor. In addition to arm and leg exercises, breathing exercises are also important.

We have to look at the food. Smoking should be reduced. The mind must pay attention to the body. This rule should be followed for eight to 12 weeks after the diagnosis of lung disease.



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