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Kovid 19: Severe immunity is weak, important 125 days ago, Center warns

Overall, India has not yet achieved the resilience (severe immunity) it has achieved. That is why the threat of a third wave corona in the country cannot be ruled out. So the next 125 days are very important. The central government announced this on Friday. VK Paul, a health member of the Policy Commission, told reporters that hygiene rules must be followed to prevent a third wave of corona.

He added that the country has not yet reached a strong level of resistance against corona. Infections are still seen in various places. But that infection needs to be prevented. That’s why it’s so important to be safe, “he said. The next 125 days are very important for the country. At the press conference, he gave examples of multiple countries. He said the health infrastructure needed to be improved at this time. The World Health Organization has already issued a warning about the third wave of corona. The Prime Minister of the country has also warned about this. We must learn from the situation in other countries.

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Love Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health, said, “Infections are on the rise in neighboring Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh. The third wave of the corona in Malaysia and Bangladesh is larger than the second wave.

Concerns have also been raised about the reluctance of the central government to use the mask. He is said to be reluctant to wear the mask as soon as the restrictions on corona are relaxed. The number of people not wearing masks in the country has increased by 74 per cent since the lockdown.



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