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In the last three days, there has been an increase of about 4,000 and daily infections in Maharashtra have risen again.

The daily Kovid infection in Maharashtra is on the rise again. According to a bulletin released by the Union Ministry of Health on Thursday, the number has dropped below 10,000 in the last few days. More than 500 deaths occur daily in that state.

Like the first wave, the second wave of the corona virus created the worst situation in the country in Maharashtra. From mid-April to the first week of May, the number of daily attacks in the state exceeded 80,000. By mid-May, it had dropped to less than 40,000. Thereafter the infection in the state gradually decreases. By mid-June, it was below 10,000. Since then it has been below 10,000.

The number of daily attacks in the state on Tuesday was 6,270 and on Wednesday it was 7,480. On Thursday, it was 10,006. The number of such cases has increased in the state in the last three days. The Delta Plus corona virus has already been detected in Ratnagiri and Jalgaon districts of the state. This raised new concerns.



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