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Global Health Adviser reveals the nature of the new corona mutant “Mo” to “Al-Etihad”

Dr. Jamal Esmat, the World Health Organization’s advisor for viruses, revealed the nature of the new mutated version of the Corona virus “Mu”, which was first detected in Colombia last January 2021, explaining that there have already been changes that occurred in the new mutant “Mu”, but as for its resistance to all Corona vaccines or some of them, it is not possible to judge that now except after conducting amino experiments on the new mutant, and experiments on many vaccines to find out the extent of its resistance to some or all of them.

The advisor of the World Health Organization explained to Al-Ittihad that with regard to the speed of the spread of the new mutant “Mo”, there is a difference between the mutant and the strength of the virus. In many parts of the world, it is spreading fast, twice as strong as the original virus, “Covid-19”.

He added: With regard to the “Mo” mutant, we have not yet known its ability to spread quickly compared to other viruses, stressing that scientists must analyze the amino structure of each virus in which some mutation occurs in order to manufacture vaccines for these mutant, and know the ability of these mutant to spread.

Esmat pointed out that viruses have the ability to change the amino substance in them, and thus there is an evolution of the virus in multiple forms, stressing that this is not only in the Corona virus, but in most other viruses, noting that the “Corona” group to which it belongs “Covid-19”, including the influenza virus, has a great ability to mutate, and therefore the two faxes and vaccinations are renewed every year for the influenza virus after following up on the mutations that occurred to it.

Esmat stressed that with regard to the Corona virus, the vaccination will also be renewed annually after following up on the new mutant so that the vaccine interacts and is suitable with them, noting that these new mutagens such as “Mo” and “Delta Plus” can resist vaccines, and therefore we need To manufacture specific vaccines for these mutants with each period.

Ismat warned the people who received the vaccination against not continuing to take precautionary measures on the pretext that they had obtained immunity from the virus, noting that some of those who received the Corona vaccine were infected with the virus again, stressing the continuation of precautionary measures in addition to vaccination, especially renewing the ventilation of the place where people are located. Physical distancing, wearing a medical mask, washing hands regularly, and not touching the mouth and nose with the hands until after washing them.



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