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“Federal government forced us to cover up corona deaths” – shocking information released!

India was caught in the second wave of corona. Deaths due to lack of oxygen were heard all over the country. Central government situation worsens; People all stretched out their hands to dare to face anything. State governments in Delhi and Maharashtra have sought help from other states for oxygen.

Most states, including Delhi, are experiencing a lack of oxygen. Neighboring countries Pakistan, China, USA, Russia and Britain supported India during this crisis. These are not atrocities that have never happened before. Launched in India 2 months ago. But no deaths have been reported in the states today due to lack of oxygen, the federal government said.

Eleven patients died at the Chennai Government Hospital due to lack of oxygen
Opposition MPs at the state level have questioned the number of patients who fall on the roads and die in hospitals due to lack of oxygen in the second wave of corona. Union Health Minister Bharti Praveen Pawar has said that no one in the country has died due to lack of oxygen in the second wave of corona and this is correct as per the information provided by the state governments.

Severe oxygen shortage underscores the severity of India’s Kovid crisis | Financial Times
Health Minister Mansuk Mandavia said states have not been ordered to reduce the number of corona deaths and injuries. All our statistics are sent by the state governments. Only state governments have recorded corona deaths. The job of the federal government is to record the statistics they provide. According to their figures, no one died due to lack of oxygen. ”

“Federal government forced us to cover up corona deaths” – shocking information released!
Mansuk Mandavia
State governments have questioned how it is now fair to accuse them of usurping absolute powers. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has accused the Center of trying to cover up corona deaths. In a statement, he said, “There is no denying that there is a shortage of oxygen in Delhi. The federal government has been working to hide the corona from the beginning.

NEIP recommends highly regulated and poorly funded education model: Delhi Die CM Manish Sisodia- The New Indian Express
Manish Sisodia
The Delhi government has set up an audit committee to find out how he died in the corona and what caused it. We wanted to tell the truth. But the Central Committee also joined our group. Then how will the truth come out. They cleverly covered the lid. In fact, the federal government indirectly threatened us not to tell the truth. It is not right to blame the states now. ”



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