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Euro Film Festival concludes

Doha: The European Drive-In at the Doha Festival City The film festival is over. Swedish film The Hundred Years Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window Brothers of the Wind, Les, from Austria, Austria Chevalier Blancs (Belgium), Postrini Cbos (Czech), Gunn Image courtesy of Durman (Germany), Quentin Basta (Italy) Exhibited at the Landscaping Fair. From the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland Images were also displayed. Presence of Ambassadors of Nine European Countries in Qatar Minister of Culture and the Arts Salah Bin Ghanim Al Aliyan in the film The official inauguration of the fair was held.

Tickets for the show were already sold out. Austrian Ambassador to Qatar Karin Finch Ginger, Belgium Deputy Head of Mission Celine Genseman, Italian Ambassador Lasandra Prunas, German Ambassador Claudius Fishbach, Sweden Am Andrew Bengson, Second Secretary of the Netherlands La Jolla, Ambassador of Portugal Antonio Alvesca The inauguration was officiated by Swiss Ambassador Edgar Dorig. Participated in. Bawa Bathshamal Real Estate Company Co. General Manager Jihad Sarkooth, General Manager of Ness Qatar Qatar Manager Zahir Abu Khamees was also present at the event.



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