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Not mixed?

The Central Government has also included AYUSH in the internship training program for medical students after passing MBBS. Recent guidelines by the National Medical Commission suggest that doctors in community medicine, psychiatry, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, ophthalmology, ENT, as well as Ayurveda, yoga, Unani and homeopathy may have to spend a week in Indian medicine. In any subject in medicine. In November last year, another government guideline announced surgery training for postgraduate students in Ayurveda, all of which are part of allopathy. With the new announcement eight months later, it is clear that the Central Government is committed to integrating the old with the modern in the health sector of the country and building a composite medicine and medical structure.

The protest against the presentation of this ‘myxopathy’ by the government is not over. The Indian Medical Association’s protests, hunger strikes, and strikes by doctors across the country did not help. Combining Ayurveda or Unani-Homeopathy with Allopathy will completely destroy the medical system in a country like India with poor health services; It is said that hammering will increase in rural and remote areas by maintaining government support. In the 21st century, as modern medicine has rapidly developed into immunization, the protection of the old medical practices of the Central Government has come to the fore. It is not a matter of antiquity or tradition, but of mixing them with modern medicine. That, too, does not stand up to scrutiny, as the Indian alternative medical system strongly supports the central government’s health policy. The dream of building a ‘one country, one health system’ by 2030, and the presence of a phrase like ‘medical plural’ in the committee formed by the Policy Commission, will remain for the time being evidence of alternative medicine even in the 2020 National Education Policy.

Not only will such a “passage” of the ancient medical system give air to national politics, but it is doubtful how much the acceptance of the Indian medical system in the 21st century will increase to the world. Experts say that there is no ‘anesthesia’ in allopathy in Ayurveda. The idea of ​​mixing the two streams to create the impossible is not such an argument, as medicine does not have to be studied that way, and involves long-term, labor, expert training and infrastructure. In allopathy, there is no substitute for regular examination, and ancient medicine is largely based on faith. In what form will it be mixed if the two sections are merged as per the government proposal?



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