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Dream of life threatening; The need for pressure and security not to mention the names of superiors

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Kochi: Swapna Suresh, the main accused in a gold smuggling case, has said that his life in jail is under threat as the secret media has come out. This was stated in the letter submitted to the court.

Some people had come to the jail asking them not to mention the names of the high officials. They also demanded that the central agencies not co-operate with the investigation. They are thought to be policemen. His life and the lives of his family members are in danger. He needs more security – the dreamer asked in a letter from his lawyer.

Speaker Shri Ramakrishnan has links with the gold smuggling case. Surendran was accused. All foreign trips made with the Speaker’s permission are regrettable. That ‘s it. However, K. Surendran is making a conscious effort to discredit the Speaker. CPI (M) state secretary AV Jayaraghavan responded by saying, The contents of the report submitted to the court are as follows: Vijay Raghavan asked how he got it. All information released by the Central Government in connection with the investigation Vijayaraghavan also said that it was in line with his interests.



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