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Do not underestimate the potential side effects of eating pizza

Food is essential in our daily lives. Therefore, the body needs to have more healthy nutrients in the foods we eat every day. It is especially good to include vegetables, greens and fruits in the diet. This is because it is naturally high in nutrients.

Those who were doing physical work in the fields at that time drank cashew nuts in the morning and acted enthusiastically. At this time, those who sit and work for hours mentally still eat pizza as their main meal and lead to many diseases. Will pizza quench your hunger for hours? Of course, suppressing the feeling of hunger for the next meal can also lead to digestive diseases. Eliminates hunger and defecation. Pizza is a food that is alien to our tradition as we are accustomed to eating dung!

Years ago, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition warned that ‘regular consumption of foods such as pizza may increase the risk of fat accumulation around the waist’. It is important to remember that waist fat is a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. We already use too much salt. The salt in pizza can quickly cause high blood pressure. When mixed with ‘cheese’ and tasted, it increases the fat content and can lead to heart disease.

Pizza is not a balanced diet that provides starch, fat and less protein as most young people think! An unbalanced diet that conquers everything. Exclusive sauces, ketones, salts, non-vegetarian pieces stored in the refrigerator, reheated chemically processed pizza, and the bleached flour needed to make pizza all seemed to hold our tongues. For a long time. ‘The Pizza Effect’ will be released soon.

Regular consumption of certain foods can cause many side effects in the body.

Pizza and soda

Do not combine soda drinks with pizza. But you realize that you are being told to avoid and cut back on what you like. But the proteins and starches in pizza take longer to digest. Artificial sweeteners in soda make ocher difficult to digest and disrupt the function of the stomach. People who eat it frequently will experience changes in their body and stomach.

Cholesterol triglyceride is a lipid, which is a type of pizza. #PizzaHealthEffects

Do not eat fruits after eating

Often people eat fruits after meals. But when these fruits are eaten with or without rice, meat or other foods, they cause acidity in the digestive system for a long time. They damage the lining of the intestine.

Lemon and cough syrup

Do not take lemon with cough medicine. Lemon blocks the enzymes needed to break down statins and other drugs. Although cough syrup is a dextromethorphan, if you fail to break down the statin by consuming lemon, the cough syrup will enter your bloodstream, causing many side effects.

Cereals and milk

Some people eat milk and cereals for breakfast every day. But both of these are fast digesting carbohydrates. In such a case, they can cause a sharp rise in blood sugar and cause fatigue when the sugar level drops again. So, soon you will start to feel hungry again.

Food and water

Do not drink water while eating. Drinking water till the end of the meal will delay the functioning of the digestive system. The digestive system needs acidic water to secrete nutrients from the food we eat. If this secretion is working properly, the gastrointestinal tract will also function smoothly.



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