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Damn .. a glass of tea in the stomach .. but go through the mouth – here’s Twist Day!

Some humans swallow everything except food. I do not know why they swallowed it. From time to time it is the doctors who swallow an inedible object and successfully remove it surgically. For example, a young man from Kosovo swallowed Saada’s cell phone a few months ago and had it surgically removed.

In that sense, the present case is a bit strange. Doctors get medical miracle case of an elderly man from Bihar swallowing a glass of tea. The 55-year-old from Muzaffarnagar had been suffering from constipation for the past few days. Moreover, welding can be done with the help of fire. He was rushed to hospital.

“Can you give me something to eat?”

That glassware was not shown to the doctors. They, too, listened intently without holding their breath. The doctors decided that they could do the scan. They are lying on the scan machine anxious that they will find out anyway. Yet the mouth did not open. On the X-ray the doctors found something big in the stomach.

The doctor saved the patient’s life by removing the glass tumbler from the large intestine

Since it was in the intestine, it was initially decided that it could be taken through the rectum and mouth. But could not take. Shock awaited them as soon as they made arrangements for surgery and found their abdomen torn. Yes there was a glass of tea in the gut. When asked about this, he said he swallowed while drinking tea. But doctors said it was unlikely, and neither he nor his family declined to comment.

When asked about this, the doctors said, “A glass of tea is not good enough for the human throat and esophagus to hold, so it can not be swallowed.



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