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Covid 19: Like the second, the third wave of Corona could be deadly, lasting 96 days, claims report

The third wave of the corona can be as deadly as the second wave. It can last for 96 long days. This has been claimed recently in the SBI report. However, it said that if more people could be brought under vaccination and health infrastructure could be improved, the death rate could be greatly reduced. However, the impact of the third wave can not be completely avoided. The 5-page report claims that the wave will last 96 days in developed countries. In the case of the second wave, this number was 108 days. “If the number of critically ill corona patients (who need oxygen, ICU beds) in countries can be reduced, then deaths could be reduced,” the report said.

The report makes clear assumptions about the deaths. “Studies have shown that if the number of seriously ill corona cases drops from 20 per cent to 5 per cent (of course for health infrastructure improvement and vaccination), the death toll during the third wave could be reduced to around 40,000, whereas the death toll from the second wave was around 40,000.” 1 lakh 60 thousand ‘. However, there is a reason to worry about children separately. Vaccination of children should be the main goal in reducing third wave infections, the report said. There are 15-16 crore children in India between the ages of 12 and 16. India, like other developed countries, needs to immunize children in this age group.

In the case of the third wave, the issue of vaccination is quite important. The central government has assured that 10 million daily vaccinations will be possible in India in late July and early August. And if so, the vaccination will end in India by December. VK Paul, a member of the policy commission, said the center also feared the third wave would affect children. From that point of view, if vaccination can be increased a lot from July, then the impact of the third wave of the country will be greatly reduced. Children will be much safer.



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