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Coronavirus in Kerala: Delta responsible? Even after vaccination, 40,000 people in Kerala are infected with covidosis, which is a growing concern

Even after vaccination, there is still a possibility of getting infected with covid. But the chances of a patient dying and being hospitalized are greatly reduced if vaccinated. Experts have said so from the beginning. In this situation, even after being vaccinated in Kerala, more than 40,000 people became infected with corona, creating a situation of concern. A high-ranking official of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has given such information to the All India Media.
Those who have been newly infected (breakthrough cases) after vaccination have been instructed to collect samples and send them to the center for genome sequencing. Some experts have previously said that once a person is infected with covidar, his body gains the strength to fight the virus. After that, if the person is vaccinated, the body’s immunity increases a little more. If so, is the coronavirus avoiding the human body’s joint disease prevention network instead of its own character? This question has become a cause of concern for the Center as 40,000 ‘breakthrough’ infections have been detected from Kerala.

It is not yet known whether the delta form is responsible for re-infection after vaccination in Kerala. Most of the breakthrough infections have been detected in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. With the first vaccination, 14,984 people have been infected with covid again. 5,042 people have been infected with the two vaccines.



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