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Corona virus: Whose corona virus infection reaches the exaggerated area? According to research, the answer is written in the gene

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In some cases, the corona infection almost does not affect the body, and in others, the infection can be fatal. Under what circumstances can the outcome of the corona be predicted? Can people be cautious about that?
Intensive research has been going on for the past one year to find answers to such questions. However, some important information has come to light in this study. Scientists say the severity of corona infection may be related to the structure of human genes. That is, the extent to which a corona infection affects a person’s body depends on the gene.

A recent study from the University of Helsinki in Finland revealed a link between genes and corona infection. In the study, people with the gene ‘TYK2’ in their body were more likely to overeat as a result of this infection.

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What is this TYK2 gene? In the body of a healthy person, this gene sends various instructions to the immune system. The presence of the gene is evident in the body of everyone with coronary heart disease.

Meanwhile, researchers reported the presence of another gene, ‘FoxP4’. This gene can be used to fight corona infections. This gene plays an important role in the prevention of lung cancer. They believe that the effects of this gene will play an important role in corona treatment in the future.



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