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Corona vaccine: The use of two different vaccines to prevent delta is on the rise, is there any benefit?

Kovina shield vaccine as the first vaccine corona? A second vaccine made by another organization may be taken. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was recently vaccinated in a similar manner. The first vaccine was AstraZeneca. The second vaccine is modern.

Not two vaccines made by the same company, but one vaccine made by different companies is on the rise in different countries. However, in the future, will vaccination be given in this way? What do doctors say?
The delta form of the corona virus is causing panic in all countries. That is why vaccination is given. But instead of vaccinating one company, many countries advise citizens to get two vaccines from different companies.

Canada and Thailand have already introduced two different immunizations. Countries such as Bhutan and Italy are also conducting research on two types of vaccines.

Can I get two vaccines from two companies?

Research is underway to determine which vaccine is most effective against Delta. It has been proven that when a person is given two different vaccines, he or she produces more antibodies. While this is not for everyone, it has been found to be applicable to many. The study found that the amount of antibodies produced in a person’s body after consuming two Pfizer or AstraZeneca (Covshield) vaccines was greater than the number of antibodies produced by a combination of these two vaccines.

However, the World Health Organization warned about this a few days ago. In their opinion, getting two vaccines from different organizations is dangerous. Unlike the World Health Organization, doctors do not give the green light to this practice. According to many of them, there is still not enough information or test results in this regard. As a result, it is currently not advisable to vaccinate in this manner.

However, as doctors say, there has not been enough research on the subject, and there have been no reports of damage from such immunizations. On the contrary, in most cases there is profit.

It is hoped that action will be taken in the coming days to prevent covidosis by giving two vaccines from two organizations.



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