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Corona vaccine: infection between two doses? What do you remember before getting the second vaccine?

The interval between two doses of corona tick increased. A single dose that does not prevent infection is obvious. As a result, it is possible for someone to become infected after taking the first dose. If so, when should the second dose be taken? What to remember before taking? Many people think these questions are spinning. Let’s see his answer.

What is the risk of infection: A single dose of vaccine is by no means adequate. Doctors have been saying this for a long time. This means that infections can occur after a single dose of the vaccine. It is claimed that the effect of the vaccine on the body begins within 14 days after taking a single dose. So the rate of infection may be slightly lower.

How safe a single dose is: In the case of vaccines such as Kovshield, the risk of infection is reduced by 48% after the first dose. The degree to which it affects others also decreases slightly. The same is true of other vaccines.

Remember: The first dose of the vaccine requires the body to produce certain antibodies. Similarly, the infection can produce antibodies to the virus. However, this does not mean that you should not take the second dose if you have an infection after taking one dose of the vaccine. vice versa. The second dose should also be taken in this case. Immunity developed in this way is most effective in combating Kovid.

When taking the second dose: Many people do not take the second dose after taking one dose. It cannot be done. But the date of taking the second dose can be changed. According to government laws, once you have recovered, you should be vaccinated at the same time.



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