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Corona hunting ancestors 20 thousand years ago – shocking information released in the study!

For the past year and a half, the word corona has been causing panic among the people. Corona epidemic is a major threat around the world. It has affected millions of people. 3.5 crore lives were lost. Only now have vaccines been invented and the world has taken the first step towards controlling corona.

Corona that hunted ancestors 20,000 years ago – shocking information released in the study!
Westminster’s research communities support research projects related to the 23-corona virus response with funding from the Quintin Hog ​​Trust | University of Westminster, London
Infections like these are not uncommon in humans. In the days of our forefathers there were even more severe epidemics. Another virus in the SARS virus family that caused many corona infections infected China in 2002. More than a thousand people were affected. Another virus from the same SARS virus family has killed more than 500 people in Saudi Arabia. Currently the SARS-CoV-2 virus infects us as corona.

A tool to kill the corona virus? The Bengaluru company has been approved by the US FDA and the EU
Researchers in Australia and the United States have published an important study in this regard. Their research paper, published in the journal Current Biology, states that the corona virus has been affecting humans for more than 20,000 years. The corona virus is said to have spread 25,000 years ago in what is now East Asia. That is, people living in eastern countries, including China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan, claim to have been attacked by the corona.

New Covid difficulty: How much should we worry about? – BBC News
The study examined the genes of about 2,500 people from 26 different countries. In doing so, the genes passed down by their ancestors already show signs of being infected with the corona virus. That is, the genes of ancestors who fought the virus have now been passed on to living people. Corona viruses claim to have inherited these genes.

The FDA has approved the immediate use of the corona virus diagnostic test
In each period they were found to have abandoned their personality in order to sustain life. This is why researchers say that corona viruses can repeatedly infect humans at different times as a violation of the human immune system. “Viruses make copies of themselves,” said Solmi, one of the researchers. The virus does not have the power to duplicate.

Diagnostics | Molecular and serological tests for COVID-19. Comparative Overview of SARS-CoV-2 Corona Virus Laboratory and Point of Care Diagnostics | HTML
That is why they select the cells of human-like organisms. They reproduce by copying their own cells. We found that the corona virus is 20,000 years old. Through this study we can get a clear idea about the viruses that are likely to spread very fast in the future. This will help identify vaccines and vaccines to strengthen the medical structure.



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