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Corona damage is less than 70,000… Health Department report!

In the last 24 hours, 70,421 people in India have been infected with corona, according to the Union Ministry of Health.

Corona damage below 70,000 … Health Department report!
The second wave of corona virus has passed through India. Because it was not known in advance what such an effect the second wave would have, there was a lack of treatment without improvement in clinical structures. Since then, the respective state governments have stepped up action. Fundraising improved the medical structure. Facilitated the treatment of low-risk patients to the high-risk division. As a result, corona exposure is under control across the country.

In this context, the Union Ministry of Health has reported that 70,421 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in India in the last 24 hours. In Corona one day 3921 people died, 1,19,501 were discharged and the number of patients treated dropped to 9,73,158. The death toll rose to 3,74,305.

Corona damage dropped from 84,000 yesterday to 81,000 yesterday and to 70,000 today. It is noteworthy that less than one lakh cases have been reported for 7 consecutive days.



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