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HomeengishCorona damage again exceeded 15,000.

Corona damage again exceeded 15,000.

The number of corona victims daily in India has crossed 15,000 again.

Corona virus

In India, corona exposure is subject to daily fluctuations. The number of corona cases in India has dropped significantly in the last few weeks. Thus concessions were given to various states and people began to lead their normal lives. In this situation, the number of corona victims in India again rose to 1.28 per cent. In the last 24 hours, Corona confirmed 15,102 cases in India. While 13,405 people were infected with corona yesterday, the number of cases today has risen slightly. In the last 24 hours, 278 people have died from corona. This brings the total corona death toll to 5,12,622.


Similarly, the number of survivors from the corona per day is 31,377. This brings the number of corona victims so far to 4,21,89,887. The number of people currently being treated for corona has dropped to 1,64,522. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, 176.19 million people have been vaccinated so far, reducing the daily corona infection rate by 1.28%.



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