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Copa America: goals scored, goals from free kicks, messi advances Argentina to Copa semi-finals

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Argentina beat Ecuador 3-0 in the Copa America semifinals. Lionel Messi led the way with a goal from a free kick and a pass from two other goals. Argentina will face Colombia in the semifinals.

Messi had the opportunity to lead the team in the first half. In the 22nd minute, he found the Ecuadorian goalkeeper Hernan Galindes alone in front of the goal and hit the bar. He could not believe himself. Within 2 minutes Ecuador was under attack. Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez saved a powerful shot from Segusson Mendes.

Both teams continue to create opportunities one after the other but repeatedly fail to catch the ball into the net. Sometimes the ball hits out, sometimes it’s in the hands of the goalkeeper and sometimes it fails to stop the foot on the flying cross. Argentina’s Rodrigo de Paul made the difference between the two teams when fans thought the first half would be goalless.

In the 40th minute, Messi’s delivery extended Ecuador’s defense. The ball was aimed at Gonzalez. But Gonzalez could not direct the ball. Goalkeeper Galindes came to stop him. Messi gets the ball back. This time he sees De Paul on the right. Galindes could not return because the target was unsafe. De Paul entered the ball with an almost empty goal.

After that goal, the dam seemed to collapse to defend Ecuador. Messi’s attacks are on the rise. Argentina got another chance in the 45th minute. This time Gonzalez missed the opportunity. He hit Messi in the head with a free kick. Galindes was ready. That attack stopped. Gonzalez fired again. This time too, Ecuador’s savior is Galindes.

জয়ের পর উচ্ছ্বাস আর্জেন্টিনা শিবিরে।

Ecuador increased their attack in the second half. They get angles one after the other. Argentina’s defense creates pressure. Although the target could not open his mouth.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni left out Sergio Aguero, Angelo Di Maria and Angel Correa from the starting XI on Sunday. If the attack in Ecuador continues to escalate, he wants to bring down midfielder Di Maria and Guido Rodriguez in the 60th minute.

Scaloni’s plan is working. The pair of Messi and Di Maria led the wave of attack in Ecuador’s box. If Messi’s shot from outside the box had not come out for some time, it would have been 2-0 in 63 minutes.

Argentina forgot to beat Ecuador 2-0. Ecuador defender Piero Hincap went to give the ball back to the goalkeeper. Messi and Di Maria followed. Messi held the ball. He extended the ball to Martinez. He made no mistake in throwing the ball this time. Argentina let out a sigh.

Maria and Messi are both struggling to defend Ecuador. Hinkappi misunderstood to stop Maria at the head of the box. He sees a red card. Messi made no mistake in scoring from a free kick.



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