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Copa America 2021: Messi wins Argentina goalkeeper Martinez’s penalty in the Copa final.

Photo: Reuters

Copa America is going to be the culmination of dreams. Neymar’s Brazil reach final before losing to Peru. Messi also reached the final by beating Colombia in the semi-finals on Wednesday. Tiebreaker Argentina won 4-3.
Argentina could have taken the lead in the first three minutes of the match. The easy way out was in front of Martinez. Messi extended the cross by cutting off three Colombian defenders. But Martinez could not keep his head in the right place.

Messi did not have to wait long for the goal. Martinez scored in the sixth minute. In this case, too, the craftsman is Lionel Messi. Messi enters the Colombian box with the ball and sees three defenders around him. But Martinez is not safe. Messi extended the pass to him. This time Martinez made no mistake. He never gave Colombian goalkeeper Aspina a chance.

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Colombia did not give up even after scoring a goal in the beginning. Repeated attacks began at the feet of Louis Diaz. He was moving to the left of Columbia. But when it came to the goal box, Juan Cuadradora was missing out again. All the attacks were leading the Argentine defense. Nicholas Ottamendi had to deal with multiple angles and free kicks.

Colombia made three changes early in the second half. He brought several players to the field to increase the attack. Their attack continues as in the first half. However, Colombia were unable to open the scoring.

Diaz did the same in 60 minutes. Diaz caught Edwin Cordona, who came on as a substitute, in a long through box. The Argentine defender quickly defeated Pesella. Just before the fall, Diaz wrapped the ball around the net with the tip of his right foot. The pressure on the blue-and-white jersey owners’ camp increased.

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As soon as the goal was scored, Angel Di Maria was sent off by coach Lionel Scaloni. As soon as he arrived, Argentina became more active. In the middle of the field he brought life back. In the 72nd minute, Martinez had a chance to score from Maria’s attack but was blocked by goalkeeper Aspina.

Messi received a free kick in front of the box at the last minute but failed to score. The 90-minute match ended in a 1-1 draw. No extra time game in the cup this time. So 90 minutes later the game ended in a penalty.

Quadrado of Colombia arrived to take the first shot. He made no mistake in scoring.

Messi came to take the shot of Argentina. With a cold head, he wrapped the ball around the net.

Sanchez’s shot was blocked by Argentine goalkeeper Martinez.

Argentina were unable to capitalize on a goal lead from Rodrigo.

Mina from Colombia arrived to take the shot. Martinez also blocked the shot. He saved two consecutive penalties.

Argentina took a 2-1 lead with a goal from the parade.

Miguel made no mistake in scoring for Colombia. He restores equality.

Martinez came to take the shot. Aspina could not stop him either. Argentina went ahead again.

Argentina lost to Cordona in the final.



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