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China decides to take control of the corona attacking Wooken again!

When I say ‘corona’ to everyone, I mean the province of Wuhan in China. Today the whole world, especially India, is affected by corona. Wukan Province is known as the birthplace of the corona virus. Wukan, which spans the globe, was a garden of peace until last month. But not now.

China decides to take control of the corona by attacking Wukan again!
To test ‘all residents’ when Wuhan Kovid-19 returns from China | Corona virus pandemic news | Al Jazeera
It is said that Delta Corona changed India and shook India. The Delta Corona has spread from India to various countries and is a major threat to those countries. China is no exception. The delta corona can spread 50% faster than the normal corona. As well as the ability to make strong connections with lung cells. China is said to be heading for its worst situation in 2019.

Corona virus: short-term government revenue under pressure
This led to a rapid increase in corona expansion in 13 provinces, including Wuhan, Jiangsu, Chechuan, Liaoning, Hunan and Hubei. Strict restrictions have been imposed on almost all traffic, including air traffic, and a complete curfew has been imposed in public places. Similarly, the Chinese government plans to conduct corona testing for 1.1 million people in Wuhan. It is planned to test and isolate everyone immediately to control the spread.



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