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By Election: Political circles are looking for another equation in Bhabanipur

The Congress does not want to field a candidate against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in the Bhabanipur by-election. The official seal of the AICC is still pending on the proposal of Adhir Chowdhury, President of the Provincial Congress. However, if such a decision is taken, the political camp is seeing indications of another equation keeping in mind the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The Election Commission has not announced when assembly elections will be held in the two constituencies and by-elections in the four constituencies which have been postponed due to the death of the candidates. But while reviewing the results of the Assembly polls and its aftermath, the issue of not fielding candidates in Bhabanipur came up in the Congress. Asked about the idea, Adhirbabu, president of the provincial Congress, said, “The AICC has not given us any instructions yet. However, in my opinion, there is no need to field a candidate against the Chief Minister. The government has just come to power with a large majority, the chief minister of that government is running for the assembly. In this situation, no matter how many votes are cast, the Congress candidate should not be fielded.

By defeating the BJP in the Assembly elections in Bengal, Mamata has taken herself to another height as an anti-Modi face in the entire country. Looking at the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, the non-BJP camp is thinking of various equations. Mamata has already said that the Trinamool victory rally on July 21 will look like an anti-Modi platform if all aspects of the situation are favorable. Earlier, AICC leaders had sided with the Trinamool leader in the anti-Center struggle. Adhirbabu has also taken a stand on behalf of the state on various issues, whether it is coronation or coping with natural disasters or transfer of the Chief Secretary to Delhi. In such a situation, the idea of ​​not fielding a Congress candidate against Mamata is naturally indicative of greater significance.

Trinamool is also welcoming the thoughts of Adhirbabuds. In the words of party MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy, “It is certain that Mamata Banerjee will win in Bhabanipur by a huge margin. However, if such a decision or thought of the Congress is made, it is definitely a good political signal.

The president of the provincial congress, however, explained, “This is not an election conspiracy. Symbolic can be a decision. Even if we don’t want to field a candidate against the Chief Minister, we will contest in seats like Shamserganj or Shantipur.

The Bhabanipur seat fell to the Congress on the basis of an agreement with the Left. Five years ago, Omprakash Mishra first came to the fore on behalf of the Congress against Mamata at the Bhabanipur Center, then Deepa Dasmunsi became his candidate. The BJP did not have power then, Deepa reduced the victory margin of the Trinamool. Shobhandev Chattopadhyay fought for the Trinamool in Bhabanipur as Mamata was the candidate in Nandigram this time. Shadab Khan, the president of the Youth Congress, got as few votes as the alliance’s candidate in that constituency. After Shobhandev’s resignation, if Mamata is a candidate there, the Congress does not want to cut even that small vote.

However, the Congress has been dragged into the alliance camp with this idea. The CPM is in favor of keeping the same number of candidates in the by-elections where they fielded candidates in the Assembly polls. However, in the words of a member of their central committee, “If the Congress does not want to field a candidate, it has to be discussed. Because, if there is no candidate from us or the alliance, only the BJP will be there as an anti-grassroots force. Like the Congress and the CPM, the BJP may be weaker now, and the Left and the Congress will have to fight for that place.



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