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Bloody shittle kuchi, 4 killed, one killed in clashes outside boot

It started on the day of the accident. As the day went on, the number of deaths on that chill increased. This time 4 more people were killed in the firing by the Central Army. Post-mortem is being done at the Religion Hospital. It is learned that 4 more persons were injured in the Central Army firing. Trinamool claimed that all the victims were their supporters.

The incident The role of the Union Army in the incident is being questioned. Local grassroots activists allege that the Union Army is working for the BJP. After drinking alcohol and meat all night, he was shot indiscriminately in the morning. Joraful Shibir questioned who gave those responsible for holding fair elections the right to fire indiscriminately.

A local grassroots activist told the media, “People were going to vote in groups. The Central Army fired indiscriminately that day.

BJP leader Nishit Pramanik has blamed Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for the incident. He also said that Mamata had made provocative remarks against the Union Army. In Mitabhanga, Shitalkuchi, Kochbihar, he told the Central Army to withdraw from the meeting, in which a special section of the people became agitated and aggressive. If the Central Army continues firing, they are doing it in self-defense. In fact, those at the bottom know they are missing out. So it creates problems.

The Election Commission has sent an ‘Action Taken’ report on the incident. The commission said the shooting was not by the CRPF but by the CISF (Central and Police Force). State election observer Vivek Dubey said there was a clash between the Trinamool and the BJP. Voting was also disrupted. When the situation was brought under control, the Central Army surrounded. There was also an attempt to snatch the rifle. That’s why the shots were applied.

But one local argued, “The identity of the deceased is not a support for any particular political party. They are voters. If he had to shoot to control the situation, he would have been shot in the legs. Why was everyone shot in the chest instead? ”

Parthasarathy Roy, a Trinamool candidate from Shitalkuchi, blamed the Union Army for the incident on the instructions of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. He asked: What should I say? The people of Sheetalkuchi are my relatives. I could not hold back the tears as I watched the four new souls leave. People still go to the polls and vote. Fighting with clenched teeth. There is an attempt to break that morale. The Election Commission is responsible for today’s incident. The BJP and the Union Home Minister are responsible. All this is happening on the instructions of Amit Shah.

Election Commissioner Sudeep Jain has already taken the preliminary report over the phone. He demanded a full report on why the shooting took place and why the situation could not be brought under control.

Trinamool and BJP supporters have clashed in Shitalkuchi since the fourth round of polling began on Saturday morning. Anand Barman, 18, died while voting in the morning at booth 275 in Pathanthuli Shalbari. His family members claimed to be BJP sympathizers but a political dispute erupted over who Anand was. This incident is in him. Provincial Congress president Adir Ranjan Chaudhary also expressed concern. He said that the pattern of bloodshed and bloodshed in Bengal with a focus on elections was worrying. We will definitely look into this.



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