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An old man who died of corona is stinking due to negligence!

The body of an elderly woman who died of corona infection was cremated 11 hours later due to negligence on the part of the health department.

Jayalakshmi, 84, was being cared for at a nursing home in Karaikal, Pondicherry. He was admitted to the Karaikal Government Hospital on the 12th due to a sudden illness. He underwent a corona examination. Also, for the safety of her grandmother, her cousin Meghnathan took her home and took care of her. Jayalakshmi’s grandmother died of a heart attack after the health department informed her that her grandmother had corona in this environment.

The health department was informed about this. But the health department responded with indifference that the authorities were not there as it was Sunday and did not allow the charity to bury the bodies. Thus the grandmother’s body was kept for 11 hours without any precautionary measures. The health department allowed a private charity to bury the body after the grandmother’s body smelled bad. The incident caused a great stir in the area. The public is dissatisfied that the Puducherry Health Department is acting very carelessly and therefore corona infections are spreading rapidly in Puducherry on a daily basis.



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