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An American document reveals the dangers of the “Delta” … and the world is tightening health measures

The outbreak of the Delta version of the corona virus has prompted countries to tighten health controls through local lockdowns in China, military mobilization in Australia and the extension of the state of emergency in Japan.

Meanwhile, as US President Joe Biden seeks to intensify the slow vaccination campaign, it is once again mandatory to wear a mask in areas most affected by the virus in the United States.

China, whose epidemic first appeared in the city of Wuhan (central) by the end of 2019, found that the contingency policy first implemented last year was under threat, documenting new infections from the country’s eastern Nanjing and spreading to Beijing for the first time in five states. Once six months ago. After a positive test for nine employees at Nanjing Airport on July 20, 184 cases were reported in Jiangsu Province (east) and 206 nationally on Friday.

Quarantine measures have been put in place for millions of residents in the region and Beijing. The effectiveness of Chinese vaccines raises concerns after it was discovered that the vast majority of new cases have been vaccinated.

Shanghai epidemiologist Zhang Wenhong said in a tweet that vaccines can “slow down the spread and reduce mortality, but they cannot” eliminate the virus.

Police in Sydney, Australia’s largest city and home to more than five million people, on Thursday deployed 300 military personnel to ensure compliance with the record-breaking injury controls.

Amid widespread violations of the ban on visiting beaches and parks, the closure process, which entered its fifth week, was extended by another month and extended to August 28.

Thousands of people protested against the move over the weekend. One week after the start of the Olympics, Japan extended a health emergency in Tokyo until the end of August.

The Japanese Prime Minister said on Friday that “the infection is spreading at an unprecedented rate”, recording tens of thousands of infections per day at a record rate. Despite the austerity measures, Olympic organizers recorded 27 new injuries related to the event.

  • Like chickenpox

In a disturbing internal memo, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that Delta Mutant Chickenpox is similar in nature to weakening vaccine protection. This can have more serious consequences for patients. Americans, including those who have received two doses of the vaccine, have vowed to re-apply masks to areas with high levels of infection.

In an effort to advance the vaccination process, Biden instructed local authorities to transfer $ 100 to the account of each person receiving the vaccine.

The United States on Friday announced that it has provided three million doses of modern vaccine to Uzbekistan, with the aim of strengthening ties with the Central Asian country on the border with Afghanistan.

Israel, which first launched immunization campaigns, believed its inhabitants were immune and re-introduced health certificates when entering areas with more than 100 people. A “complementary” vaccination campaign has been launched, and those over the age of 60 should be given a third dose of the vaccine.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog was among those who received the third dose on Friday. In Europe, where many countries are facing a fourth wave of epidemics, authorities are taking a number of steps. Spanish authorities extend curfew in Barcelona and parts of Catalonia

Since this weekend, France has imposed closures on the islands of Martinique and Reunion, where officials describe the health situation as a “disaster”. From August 9, passengers on French trains will be required to present a health certificate at any time.

From Sunday, tourists who have not been vaccinated in Germany will be required to show a virus-negative test when arriving in their area by plane, car or train.

  • Save lives

Despite increasing pressure around the world to speed up vaccination campaigns, it is highly disproportionate, with high-income countries giving an average of 97 doses per 100 people, compared to only 1.6 doses in poorer countries.

According to the World Health Organization, the Kovacs program, which allows poor countries to receive free vaccines, is expected to receive 250 million doses of the vaccine over the next six to eight weeks.

In Burma, authorities have warned of a “disappointing” situation and asked the UN Security Council to provide immunizations, despite the political crisis the country is experiencing since the overthrow of the civilian authority six months ago.

In the Philippines, authorities say they will quarantine 13 million citizens of the Manila region from next week in a difficult decision aimed at “saving lives”.



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