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All parties from the grassroots to the BJP are angry at the Sena’s action and only the voters are happy

Like Nandigram, Diamond Harbor was under special scrutiny by the Election Commission. Despite the peaceful vote on Tuesday, there were widespread allegations against the commission and the central government. The BJP is talking about the role of not only the Trinamool Congress but also the paramilitaries.

On this day, as soon as the third round of voting began, a wave of complaints began to flow. There are 39 allegations against the Union Army from Diamond Harbor. In some places the party block president has been beaten, in other places men and women have been harassed, and in some places voters have been barred from voting before the end of the election. As in the last two rounds, the Trinamool has accused the paramilitaries of influencing the BJP. In addition to Diamond Harbor, similar complaints have been received from Mograhat East, West, Falta and Raidigi.

BJP candidate from Diamond Harbor Center Deepak Halder said the role of the Election Commission and the Union Army was practically disappointing. Trinamool candidate Pannalal Haldar has accused the Center of committing atrocities. CPM candidate Prati-ur-Rehman said, “I will not say very good, I will not say bad again.” Central Bijan candidate Bidhan Parui said that the role of the Union Army was not right. Several booths were occupied and printed votes were recorded. Heldol was not seen in the conduct of the army. I will ask for re-election in several booths. ”

Visited a wide area and the body language of voters speaks differently. A large section of the general electorate, regardless of party affiliation, is happy with the role of the central forces. In the opinion of voters, the history of panic in all these areas was lightened as the presence of the army had to be locked on polling day. The first and second rounds of voting raised questions about the visibility of the Central Army. However, this time paramilitaries and state police were seen patrolling various areas. Central and state police officials also flew drones to check the situation.

Apparently, the election violence on this day was not public, but there was tension everywhere. A scuffle broke out at a booth in Lalpur area of ​​Reidi, alleging a Rs 1,000 coupon against the BJP. The situation was brought under control with the intervention of the police and the Union Army. Several people gathered near the Mustard Junction in Diamond Harbor, accusing the Trinamool of obstructing the vote. Residents of the Haridepur No. 1 block in Parulia have been homeless for a long time due to repression by the ruling party. Trinamool abstains from voting on this day. Zafar Sheikh, one of them, said, “We went to the polls with our voter cards. But the lower castes did not vote. BJP candidates have assured that they want the commission to intervene. Trinamool candidate Pannalal Babu said, “No one has informed me of the allegation. If such an incident had been reported I could have taken action. ”

Though the CPM is behind, their candidate Pratik-ur is hoping to regain their lost votes this time. He said, “Compared to the last Assembly, Lok Sabha or Panchayat votes, violence, vote-rigging and booth occupation are very low this time. Agents are provided almost everywhere. But last time our booth agent was severely beaten in front of the Union Army. ”

Polling officials said commissioners were concerned about the situation in the southern 24 parganas, especially in the Assembly constituencies in Diamond Harbor. This time special strategies have been developed based on the information on the violence in the last Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. It failed, can not say. In terms of percentage, the prevalence of allegations of vote rigging and booth occupation is very low. There were no major incidents of violence. There is no question of law and order.



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