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After Messi and Ronaldo .. the third bomb for Mbabane!

With the departure of Barcelona and Juventus this summer, Argentine Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo are awaiting a third contract following the transfer of Frenchman Kylian Mbabane from Paris Saint-Germain to Real Madrid.

Is the third correct? The football community breathes a sigh of relief before the summer transfer window closes at midnight on August 31. While the 22-year-old Mbabane finds himself in the ranks of former Spanish club Real Madrid, the Saint-Germain world champion holds his last breath.

The game of “chess, or false poker”, as described by the French newspaper “L’Equip” on Saturday, is usually a classic by the end of the summer, but this time it makes a lot of sense in terms of quality of the player and the clubs interested in him.

This chapter comes even after Messi’s shock move to St Germain after his contract with the Catalans ended, with Ronaldo shifting his blue focus from Manchester City to the red United 18 years ago.

The first bomb exploded after a financial crisis inherited from the administration of Joseph Bartomeu and a debt of half a billion euros incurred by the new president, Joan Laporta, who was forced to give up his Golden Ball award-winning 6 times (a record) and the law’s failed to pay for his large salary.

At the age of 34, Messi closed the doors of Barcelona and moved to the city, changing the fate of the team when he bought Qatar Sports Investments ten years ago.

Twenty years later in the ranks of Barcelona, ​​one after another, he signed a two-year deal with Paris, with a big salary .. with a big salary ..

When the second bomb exploded in Turin three years after not winning the Champions League at Juventus, “Dawn” left northern Italy and won the Golden Ball award five times in search of the last chapter of his rich career.

A year before the end of his contract, the 36-year-old confirmed her departure, with her returning coach Massimiliano Allegri saying Madeira Island “did not intend to play with Juventus again”.

His goal was for Manchester City to play under Spanish coach Pep Guardiola for the first time in his career, but his neighbor and rival Manchester United brought him back to his “home” where he won his first Golden Ball and won the 2008 Champions League.

The “devil” returned to the “Reds” ranks and, after a full march with Real Madrid, wanted to kidnap Mbabane and detonate a third deadly bomb.

Mbabane and his model shared headlines in Spanish sports newspapers that talked about “crazy Mercato” dreaming of a luxury royal team with Mbabane.

Wait, Mbappe is still associated with Saint-Germain until the summer of 2022, after Real made two tempting offers. The offer was not enough, so Florentino Perez reportedly raised it to more than 170 to 10 million rewards.

Leonardo said: “Our goal has always been to renew Mbabane’s contract. If he wants to go, we can not force him to stay, but in both cases it will be our terms.

When Italian Carlo Ancelotti described him as a “great player”, Dutch coach Ronald Koeman revealed: “I want Mbabane to be on our team, describing the Frenchman as” the best player in the world. “

“If Real Madrid have the money, let them have it, I’m not worried,” he said.

Mbabane attended the team exercises in the capital on Saturday morning at the Cannes de Lodge. Fans of the Paris team are still dreaming of the Messi-Neymar-Mbabane trio, while their team will be the guest of the Rhine on Sunday.



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