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Abu al-Shawreb: “Credible news” is an attempt to confuse the “Brigadier General”.

Abdul Rahman Abu al-Shawreb, chairman of the board of directors of Al-Nasser Football Company, appealed to Al-Ameed fans to follow the “bad news” and try to “disturb the team before it starts”. In the new season, the intense stress of working day and night by all the club staff to make the fans happy and fulfill their aspirations is telling.
In a statement through the club’s official official account, Abu al-Shawreb said, “Against Ajman, with God’s blessing, we begin the new season in light of the great aspirations that deserve the name and status of the new victory, the cradle of football and the” dean “of our favorite country clubs, and he will continue to be great and great.
Before the start of the season, the head of Al-Nasser Company pointed out the good preparations of his team. Exceptions Lula.
Abu al-Shawreb announced that the transfer window in al-Nasser was closing, and that “Brigadier General,” he was preparing for the new season and had succeeded in strengthening the team with strong players, excellent and good elements. In addition to the “Brigadier” squad, the list is closed and there is no need to terminate a contract with a player.
He added, “Our expectations at the Al-Nasser Club are very high, even greater than our loyal audience, because the fans of” Brigade “and his fans everywhere are sincere and generously exemplary spectators.”
The head of Al-Nasser’s company sent a message to Al-Azrak’s supporters, “My message to Brigadier General Al-Nazrawi’s audience is to avoid following bad news. .



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