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Stalin said, “Come on, come on.”

DMK leader M.K. Stalin collected votes for party candidates. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Prime Minister Modi himself announced the AIIMS Hospital in 2015 when he presented the budget in Parliament on behalf of the Union Government.

Four years later, when the 2019 parliamentary elections came, you held a groundbreaking ceremony in Madurai to deceive the people. You left a brick and went. Today, Thampi Udayanithi is taking the brick and showing it to the villagers, ”he said, adding that Modi should respond to the issue.

And, “Do you know what the Prime Minister is talking about today? Ames has left the hospital talking that not only will it be coming soon but it will be better. Do you think the people of Tamil Nadu are fools? It has been announced that AIIMS will be created in 15 states. You have started work in all other states. You have allocated funds to those states. But so far no funds have been allocated in Tamil Nadu. But how do you say we do better?

In a movie, Vadivelu would say, “Come on, come on.” It’s just like that. Not only that, Modi is saying that we will bring innumerable projects to Tamil Nadu. What it is, ‘innumerable project’.

The Ames project itself is laughable. There is nothing worth it. But now Modi is telling lies. He has said one thing and another. He has said that the central government has accepted the AIADMK’s request and given permission to Jallikattu. It was our youth who got permission for this outrageous lie, ”Stalin said.



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