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Undocumented Rs 2.2 lakh seized in Uttiramerur


2 lakh 20 thousand rupees taken in a car without proper documents near Uthiramerur was confiscated by the Election Flying Corps.

In the run-up to the Assembly elections, the Election Flying Corps has been conducting intensive vehicle checks in various parts of the Uttiramerur Assembly constituency in Kanchipuram district.

In this situation, the officers who were engaged in a vehicle check in the area with the Manampathy partnership near Uttaramerur yesterday stopped and checked the car which was heading towards Chennai on that route.

flying-squad-1-1024x768.jpg (1024×768)

Then it was revealed that 2 lakh 20 thousand rupees was taken in the car. In this regard, the investigation carried out on the driver of the vehicle revealed that he was Solai (35) from Inchambakkam, Chennai.

Also, the money was confiscated by the Flying Squad as it was revealed that there were no proper documents. The confiscated money was then handed over to the treasury in the presence of the constituency election officer.



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