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It is not unreasonable to panic, as doctors need to take antidote to prevent corona

Take two doses of corona antidote. After 20 days, a doctor suspected that he had some symptoms, including a mild fever. The report came out after a quick RTPCR test, ‘Kovid positive!’ But the doctor says, ‘Scientific law is no exception. Some people may have coronary heart disease after taking the drug. But if you want to prevent corona, everyone should take antidote. That is the only way out. “

Doctors force her to take antidote to prevent corona. The state aims to vaccinate at least one lakh people every day. But a few days after taking the two-dose antidote, two weeks later, news broke that someone had contracted the corona again. A group of people asked, “What’s the point of taking antidote if you do not take it?” Why not do this even after taking the same antidote? Another group of people raise this question and raise more dangers. Remember that masks and antidotes are the only weapon to prevent corona.

Why do some people get corona after taking antidote? Dr. Abhijit Chaudhary, an advisor to Kovid Care Network in the state, says, “No antidote in the world is 100 percent effective. About a quarter of people get the disease despite regular medication. But it is a confirmed fact that even after two weeks of taking two doses, the risk of serious infection is very low if it is not taken. State Health Officer Ajay Chakrabarty said the number of corona cases after taking the second dose of the antidote was not very high. However, records are kept of those who do so.

According to Snehendu Konar, facilitator of clinical trials of antimicrobials in the state, after the third phase of the study, the efficiency rate of Covshield was found to be 75-80 per cent. In the case of Kovas, it is 80-81 percent. As a result, 35 to 30 percent of those who take Kovacild and 20-19 percent of those who take Kovacin are at risk for coronary heart disease. But the consequences are not fatal. In the words of public health expert Anirban Daloui, “Everyday experience shows that some people do not follow the Kovid law after taking the antidote.” This false satisfaction is dangerous. Since no Covid antidote is 100 percent safe, it is not a good idea to take the antidote and remove your mask. “

Immunologist Dipman Gangopadhyay says the immune system does not develop after taking the antidote. It is expected to be ready 15 days after the second dose. But the process of boosting the immune system is not the same for all people, so in some cases it may take longer. At the same time, non-compliance with the rules of self-medication increases the risk of infection. “The immune system enters the body and detects the virus in advance,” he said. Once the virus enters the body, the antidote begins to work.

Other doctors, such as him, explained that an assailant had entered the area. But people do not know him. As a result, he begins his dominion before realizing good or bad. But if the face of evil is known in advance, people will come forward to defend him as soon as they enter the area. This is the antidote. Arunanshu Talukdar, a medical doctor, says, “Every human body has the same immune system. Someone builds it quickly and destroys it quickly. Some build up slowly and last for several days. There is a difference between getting infected before and after taking the medicine. The risk of serious side effects in the lungs, liver, heart and kidneys is very low.

Therefore, doctors say that everyone should do this to develop a strong immune system without increasing unnecessary panic about the antidote.



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