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In the capital, Delhi, a new model has been set for the highest daily death toll from a corona epidemic. 348 people have died in the last 24 hours. So far 13,541 people have died in Delhi. In the last 24 hours, 24,331 people were newly infected.

The second wave of the corona virus caused a stir in Delhi. One day this month there is a record of one person being infected. Death is also on the rise. The number of active patients in the capital has exceeded 92,000. The number of active patients has not been recorded in Delhi.

Corona sufferers are reluctant to be admitted to hospital due to this increase. It has also been reported that more than one person in Kovid ward is being housed in the same bed. Family members have visited several hospitals to admit the victim but there have been several incidents of beds not being made. Meanwhile, the lack of oxygen set back the deaths. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also asked the Prime Minister to take action in this regard. Multiple deaths due to lack of oxygen have been reported in Delhi alone. Overall, the condition of Delhi as a city is the worst in the country.



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