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Fines for not wearing a mask at the airport, the cost of air travel is also increasing from April 1

Kovid infection is on the rise in India. The situation in several states is worrisome. But at the moment, the administration is reluctant to shut down any new services or walk down the path of lockdown. However, the administration has been instructed to abide by the Kovid restrictions. In some cases, restrictions have been imposed. The DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) said that fines will be imposed immediately, especially if you do not wear a mask at the airport or do not observe social distance. Apart from this, the cost of air travel is going to increase further from April 1, the DGCA said.

According to a guideline, observations show that passengers at several airports are not complying with the restrictions. So all the airport authorities are being told to tighten more. Everyone at the airport has to keep an eye on whether they cover their noses and faces with masks. If anyone does not follow the rules, i.e. does not wear a mask at the airport, or does not observe social distance, he will be fined immediately. Airport authorities have also been asked to contact the concerned police in this regard.

ডিজিসিএ-র নির্দেশিকা।

At the same time, the DGCA has informed that the air security fee for flights will be increased from April 1. As a result, the cost of air travel will also increase. The fee has been increased by Tk 40 for domestic airlines and Tk 114 for international services.

This ‘air security fee’ is charged from the passengers for the safety of the passengers. Most airports are guarded by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). These fees change every six months. Earlier, the money had increased last September. But at that time the airlines had to face losses due to low air traffic. But this time, the DGCA thinks that increasing the cost will benefit the companies.



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