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Crisis in Afghanistan: Recognition by the Government of Afghanistan

India will decide whether to represent all groups in the Taliban government in Afghanistan or not. For the time being, the Narendra Modi government has indicated that India’s relationship with that government will be determined on the basis of these criteria.

The question before India is whether India will accept the new government in Afghanistan after the Taliban seizes power. At an all-party meeting on the current situation in Afghanistan, External Affairs Minister S Jayasankar made it clear that New Delhi, like other countries, is pursuing a “wait” policy. “We have to be patient about future policy until the situation in Kabul is resolved,” he said.

Opposition leaders at the meeting asked whether India was isolated or isolated on the issue of Afghanistan. According to sources, the foreign minister claimed that India was not isolated. The situation in Afghanistan has been discussed at the UN Security Council under India. After the meeting, Jayashankar said, “Our interests, diplomacy and role are recognized in any decision, international or international.” Over the past three days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Jayasankar said the Prime Minister would hold talks with several other heads of state in the coming days. Foreign ministers of various countries will also speak to him.

India has not yet criticized the Taliban since the regime change in Afghanistan. Sources say the foreign minister told a meeting today that the Taliban were not complying with all the terms of the “peaceful transfer of power” agreement between the United States and the Taliban. After the Taliban seized power, India expressed concern over the activities of terrorist organizations such as the Haqqani Network, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish, human rights abuses and women’s rights on Afghan soil. The Taliban also demanded representation of all government groups. “India will look into all these issues once the Taliban government is formed,” Foreign Secretary Harsha Vardhan told a news conference. Jayasankar said India’s presence and activities would be good depending on the course of events.

While the position on the question of recognizing the Taliban government is not clear, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sought to indicate that India views the Taliban government and the people of Afghanistan differently. Jayasankar said India has worked on more than 500 projects in Afghanistan. It is a testament to India’s friendship with the people of that country. But the opposition questioned the security of the $ 3 billion project in India.

The foreign minister said the government’s priority was to save Indians from Afghanistan. All parties have lauded the government in this regard. Jayashankar said most of the Indians had escaped but many were still trapped. So far, 565 people have been rescued, but the government has not yet said how many will be rescued. For the Trinamool Congress, Sukhendushekhar Roy and Saugat Roy have been given a list of 125 states that have been blocked in Afghanistan. Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge asked the impatient Chaudhary, “If any Indians are trapped after the withdrawal of US troops on August 31, how can they be rescued?” According to sources, the government accepted the concern. Citing problems in the rescue operation, the foreign ministry said it was difficult to bring all Indians to Kabul except Kabul. However, Jayashankar assured that we have a responsibility to bring everyone back.

Leaders of the CPM, CPI and RSP questioned the readiness of the government in this regard. They argued that the Modi government was not prepared in advance despite the US announcing the withdrawal in advance. They also asked whether India had informed India of its decision to go ahead with the withdrawal. They also questioned the government’s policy on China trying to get behind Pakistan and gain control of Afghanistan. Left allegations, the government did not respond.

Although India has expressed concern over the sending of militants from Afghanistan to the country, especially to Kashmir, Congress leaders have questioned the government’s policy in dealing with it. Hasnain Masood, the leader of the National Conference in Kashmir, has accused the Modi government of provoking the people by repealing Article 370 of the Kashmir Act. As a result, the government created a fertile ground for terrorism, he alleged.



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