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Government of Tamil Nadu waiting for the end of the election! Jumping corona kills !!

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Globally, the number of people infected with the corona virus has increased by more than 12 crore to over 80 lakh. No effective cure has yet been found for this deadly type of corona virus that has killed more than 27 lakh 90 thousand people. Therefore, the corona virus is spreading in large numbers. Various countries are actively involved in finding vaccines for the corona virus.

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In a statement issued today, the Tamil Nadu Health Department said, “2,232 people have been infected with the corona virus, including those from abroad and neighboring states. The number of victims has increased to 8 lakh 84 thousand 94. The number of people receiving treatment increased to 14,846. Today there are 1,404 victims, 938 women and 259 testing centers in Tamil Nadu.

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Today 16 people have died. 7 died at a private hospital and 9 at a government hospital. This brings the total number of corona deaths to 12,700. Today, 1,463 people have recovered from the corona infection, bringing the total number of survivors so far to 8,56,548. ” As mentioned



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