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Bengal Polls: Did Bimala see Mamata without a wheelchair as she stood up?

An old woman parked her car near Khodambari Bhim Bazar.

As soon as the glass of the window was lowered, the question came up, “Are you the man of the press?” Budd is a good man. What is going on with difficulty. When he leaves, he will not get the two rupees. You don’t have to eat! “

The temperature in Chaitra has exceeded 36 degrees. Mamata Banerjee has gone through this road in a wheelchair. Bimala Mandal came to see the Chief Minister. His small tea shop near Bhim Bazar on the way to Bayal. Next door is a messy mud house. The store is not doing well. The income of the two sons is not so much. As a result, he relied on government help. He cried while talking about his poverty. He said that he could not even ask the Chief Minister to speak on his own. Because, there is a tight security belt around the Chief Minister.

এই বাড়িতেই থাকছেন তৃণমূল নেত্রী।

It was said that Thakurchak would go from Khudiram turn. But Mamata changed her mind as soon as the road show started. He wants to enter the village. As a result, he left the Chandipur-Tengua main road and entered his wheelchair on the left-hand side of the road. Giripara, Manoharpur, Gopalpur, Khodambari: Seeing Mamata’s wheelchair approaching, the women of the village started crowding. Some are taking pictures on mobile phones. Many are again going to the Chief Minister and talking about the problems of the village. However, the security guards of the Chief Minister were not getting much relief. As a result, they wanted to tighten the security cordon again and again. And Mamata is giving them a gentle rebuke. He told the security personnel to move away from the front again and again. With a microphone in hand, Mamata reassures the villagers, “There is no more media now. From now on I will take care of myself. No problem. You will vote in peace. “

Face mask. White sari with narrow fringe. To prevent the heat of the sun, keep the hem of the sari on your head. One village after another of Nandigram is passing in a wheelchair with bandaged legs. Coming to Khodambari, Mamata’s road show came in the prescribed way again. There were already a lot of people waiting to see him. Mamata is waving at them. Saying hello. This is how the Trinamool candidate from Nandigram came to the stage of Thakurchak. Near Giripara, on the side of Dhalai road, there was a small Atasi standing next to his mother. Seeing the Chief Minister coming forward in a wheelchair and manner, he pulled his mother’s hand and said, “What a small chariot he is riding in!”#

Nandigram came by helicopter. From then on, whether it was stage or road show, Mamata was in a wheelchair everywhere. And the rest of the ride is using the blue Volkswagen hatchback. He is reaching the meeting place by pressing the vehicle from the temporary dormitory of Reyapara. One after another areas of Nandigram 1 and 2 blocks — Bayal, Thakurchak, Ahmedabad, Sonachura, Banshulichak, Tengua ছেন are returning there after the campaign. Birulia was injured near the market on the day of submission of nomination papers. He went back that day. When he returned to Nandigram after 17 days, he was confined to a wheelchair. However, on the last day of the election campaign, he got up from his wheelchair for once in Nandigram. To match the national anthem.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There is no TV in his house though. But I would have been happy to hear.



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